Custom made pool cues, pool sticks, cue sticks, billiard cues and exotic cues, available here at Ted Harris Custom Cues & Professional Cue Repair.Custom made pool cues, pool sticks, cue sticks, billiard cues and exotic cues, available here at Ted Harris Custom Cues.Custom made pool cues, pool sticks, cue sticks, billiard cues and exotic cues, available here at Ted Harris Custom Cues.
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Custom made pool cues, pool sticks, cue sticks, billiard cues and exotic cues, proudly made in the U.S.A.
Proudly made in the U.S.A

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Available custom made pool cue sticks

Custom made pool cue sticks & professional pool cue stick repair!
October 7, 2014
Click here to check out this beautiful custom made pool cue with an ivory joint followed by birds eye maple front and six points of madascar rosewood double milled and wrapped in quadruple veneers with six ivory diamonds...and that is just the front section of this pool stick! The butt sleeve of this cue stick is also birdseye maple and has fifteen ivory diamonds enclosed in madascar rosewood rectangular boxes of alternating length capped off with an ivory butt plate!!! This billiard cue has ringwork at ABCDE locations...

The pool cue stick above was completed in March 2005 for a custom here or on the picture to view larger resolution pictures and get a description...

For my local customers or anyone visiting South it!
The shop is conveniently located only a mile east of exit #20 and on Hollywood Blvd... and 1/2 mile south at;
808 South Dixie Highway in the heart of Hollywood...and one of the trendiest areas around. South Florida has been very receptive to our pool sticks, our professional cue repair services, and our presence...for that we are very appreciative!!! If you would like to keep up with what is going on here in Hollywood, check out my blog by clicking on the facebook badge below for my personal page...after clicking on the badge below, please click on Ted Harris Custom Cues directly below my profile picture & like it if you want to be kept in the loop of things around here!

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Billiard show schedule-2014

Players League Championships
July 20th...Davie, FL
1st Annual Shoot'em Straight Open
August 30th...Immokalee, FL
APA 8-ball Money Cup
September 13th...Davie, FL
APA US Amateur Qualifier
September 26-28th...Stuart, FL
Tiger Florida tour
October 18th...Stuart, FL
APA US Amateur Championships
November 7-9th...Palm Harbor, FL

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Custom made pool cue sticks!
Check pictures of available custom made pool cue sticks, last updated on 07.27.2014.
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Custom made pool cue sticks

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Wizard Tips!!!
Check out these tips that are available in medium and hard. These tips are reminiscent of the first generation moori tips from 1994..and are only $30- installed!!!
OB-1 shafts!!!
Custom fitted with matching ring work to your current cue...or made for one of my cues!!!
OB-2 shafts!!!
Custom fitted with matching ring work to your current cue...or made for one of my cues!!!
Tiger X-shafts!!!
Custom fitted with matching ring work to your current cue...or made for one of my cues!!!
Moori Tips!!!
Check out the prices on Moori tips from Japan. Moori tips are available in slow, medium, quick, & power.
Professional pool cue repair!
Tip Reshaping, shaft and butt polishing, wrap cleaning & polishing, joint refacing, shaft tapering, etc.
Tip Replacement
Le pro, Elk Master, Triangle, Sumo, Water Buffalo, Tiger, Everest, Wizard, Moori, & Kamui...
Melamine, alternative ivory, ivory, canvas phenolic jump/break one piece combo...
-Genuine Irish Linen available from "Blue Mountain" and "Stuart C. Hurlbert"...over 30 colors to choose from!
-Traditional leather is also available in many different styles and exotic prints as well.
-Exotic species wraps are also available, such as lizard, ring lizard, elephant ear, etc...
Replacement Parts
Joint pin replacement, joint ring replacement, joints, shaft & butt plate replacement, etc.
Refinishing and other repairs.
Published articles!
Check out these articles that Ted has written for some of the major billiards publications and informational/educational websites:
Great Slates Grand Opening
The Greatest Show on Earth Tokyo 9-Ball
Super Billiards Expo 2001
2000 BCA Trade Show
Tony Ellin Memorial
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Jointly Speaking

Custom made pool cue sticks & professional cue repair...10.07.2014
Thanks for stopping by to check out my products & services!
From September 26-28th, I was fortunate enough to participate in the APA US Amateur Championships preliminary round as well as providing cue repair at the event hosted by Amy's Billiards in Stuart, FL. I don't know how it happened, but I survived a couple of matches that were questionable, and managed to get into stroke a little more with each match and ended up winning my board advancing to the main event November 7-9th to be held at Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor, Fl. I'm so excited to have another shot at it! Our beautiful hostess Amy Poulter made the event non-smoking (AWESOME!) for the first time, and the usual suspects were there to make all the players feel welcome...thank you to the crew at Amy's; Bartek, Sam, and Jennifer! Amy even made sure we had great food to eat from the BBQ/burger/hotdog guy outside! Amy always goes out of her way to make everyone happy! That's why Amy's is my favorite place to visit! The event was nicely run by league operator Dave Labonte of the Martin/St. Lucie/ Okeechobee APA franchise! Another big thing going on there was the Xtreme Pool Challenge video streaming of the matches. They have awesome equipment & run a seriously tight ship! I believe they were streaming 4 matches at once all weekend, with commentating on some! That is an amazing feat! I even got to commentate on a match! Can't wait to do that again! I hope to see them at the final round in November. Its going to be very exciting to see what the Xtreme Pool Challenge brings to the future of pool. They are devoted to making our sport grow! Very exciting times!
Anyone have any questions please give me a call @754.246.6366!

Ted and his mobile cue repair lathe and toolbox, set up for professional expert cue repair. Custom made pool cues, pool sticks, cue sticks, billiard cues, and exotic cues are also on display at the Amsterdam Billiard Club East in August 1998 during the WPBA New York Classic

The picture above is Ted Harris and his professional mobile cue repair booth and a display of his custom made pool cue sticks set up at the WPBA Brunswick New York Classic in 1998. Ted has been a regular at WPBA and Mens Pro events, as well as many amateur & semi-pro events for a number of years. The following is a quote by Ted on how he feels about attending tournaments; "It is a pleasure to be of service to all the players throughout the world, amateurs & professionals alike. There is no feeling as good to me as watching the tournaments, and seeing that most everyone in the tournament has utilized my services, especially when they are winning. I have learned much about custom made pool cues from working on all the different pool sticks that have passed through my booth for professional expert cue repairs. It is my belief that all that I have learned will go into the custom made cue sticks that I am now making, and that my custom made billiard cues will be certainly one of the best available today and in the future!"

Feel free to browse through this website all you care to. There is a lot of info spread out on this site. In addition to the information listed above you can find out who uses his custom made pool cues and/or endorses his custom cue repair services and what they have to say about Ted Harris Custom Cues; George "Ginky" SanSouci, Tommy Kennedy, Tony Robles, Tony Ellin, Roger Griffis, Danny Harriman, Jose Parica, and Dave Smith. See player profiles, pictures, and accomplishments of these players that are some of todays top ranked players. Check out the tournament scene & see where Ted has worked in the past, and where he will be displaying his custom pool cues in the future. View photographs of some of the exotic custom billiards cues crafted by Ted. Discover how to order custom cue sticks and/or professional cue repair services from a simple tip replacement to complete restoration work. Learn about present & future goings on around the shop; long term goals, mission statement, and many more.
If you do not have any custom cues or are considering a new cue stick, let Ted make you one of his custom billiard cues to your specifications. Order one today! Check back often and let us keep you up to date on important news and upcoming events where Ted Harris Custom Made Pool Cues will be displaying custom made cues and/or performing professional expert mobile cue repair.


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